by Alan Okey on 2016-09-10

Like the best doctors, Tim addresses the root cause of issues rather than simply treating the symptoms. He understands that various parts of an automobile are a collection of systems working in synergy, not in isolation. Lesser mechanics may only treat symptoms and fail to diagnose root causes — problems that may cascade and cause even bigger problems in the future if not satisfactorily addressed. Tim is also a walking encyclopedia of knowledge, and he’s happy to “talk shop” with you until you reach your saturation point. I had four new Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires installed on my 2010 535i M Sport, a process that included road force balancing and alignment. The difference is astonishing. The car now rides as smooth as glass, and it’s eerily quiet. It handles like a different, substantially improved car. I chose to wait at the shop for the duration of the work, and I was impressed with the waiting area’s comfort and cleanliness. The bathroom in particular is far cleaner and better decorated that what you’d find in many restaurants, let alone an automotive service garage. If you’re just looking for the cheapest repair option and don’t really care about technical details, a thorough diagnosis, and a comprehensive explanation of options for solutions, Bimmer PhD’s advantages will probably be lost on you. However, you’d be doing yourself and your vehicle a disservice by not taking advantage of Tim’s expertise and thoroughness. This was only my first visit in what I foresee to be an ongoing and fruitful relationship with Bimmer PhD. If you’re a BMW enthusiast who takes pride in ownership and seeks to keep your vehicle in top condition for many years to come, you’d be hard pressed to find a better partner than Bimmer PhD.

by Mark Thou on 2017-04-03

If you own a Bimmer…it is a must to get quality work and knowledge about your vehicle. Take it to somebody that cares….take it to Tim at Bimmer PhD. (and no I’m not getting paid to say or write this)….. but what I got from my experience there is that you will receive quality work, excellent customer service and a family like atmosphere.

by Charles Sharp on 2017-03-27

I appreciate the scientific approach: consider the hypotheses, plan a diagnostic approach, then test the possibilities. Once the problem has been correctly diagnosed, commence the repairs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Excellent technicians, positive attitude. Love this place!

by Heather Upton on 2017-03-22

I can’t say enough good things about this repair shop. Their thoroughness, transparency and quality is absolutely top notch. After I drop my car off and they take a look at it, I receive an email with photos and an explanation of the problem, and Tim always then elaborates on what is needed and why. I actually feel like I have passing knowledge about how a car functions at this point simply because Tim gives such in-depth explanations about the repair work. Everyone who works there is friendly and customer service-oriented, and like the dealer they will get you a rental car if your repair takes longer than a day. With car repair, you get what you pay for. I bought an expensive car, and I’m not surprised or upset that repairing it is sometimes costly; I’ve tried cheaper mechanics over the years and wound up having ongoing problems because of shoddy work and/or replacements parts. I want the job done well, and with Bimmer PhD I have peace of mind that when they say something is fixed, it is truly fixed. Three years of service on my car has demonstrated the quality of their work. My car is now over 100,000 miles and running smoothly, largely thanks to their staying on top of potential problems.

by Anon on 2017-03-18

Great first visit with Tim and his team. I dropped my car off with a couple of indicator lights on and in need of an oil change. I was able to pick it up by the end of the day with everything fixed. A solid experience and I will be back.

by Yvonne Allfie on 2017-02-17

So lucky to have found Bimmer PhD. Long time customer. My 2005 X3 is kept in perfect condition because of them. A+++++

by Jonathan Mejia on 2017-02-07

I lovee Tim! Hes probably one of the realest down to earth guys you will ever meet but one thing forsure is that he takes handling bmws seriously and thats why I confide in him everytime to get the job down right. Thats saying alot becuase i come from bakersfield and drive 2 hours just to get my maintanence done here. Thanks bimmer phd for all the help!

by Pam Marceca on 2017-02-06

The team at Bimmer PhD is extremely thorough and professional. BMW’s are expensive to take care of and you want someone who knows what their doing. Their customer service is excellent, they spend time explaining the service needs. After taking my car to them I feel it is worth every penny.

by Crystal Lightner on 2017-02-05

There is no other mechanic or shop I trust with my BMWs then this group of Fine mechanics. Whenever there’s a problem they find it they treat your vehicle as if its there oh and will not have you make repairs that are unnecessary or not in your best interest. Tim is one of the most knowledgeable honest and fair individuals I have ever met. The staff is second to none and if you care one iota about your car this is the BMW repair shop you need to have your vehicle service by


by Jerry Viramontes on 2017-01-25

As always Tim and team did a great job. We have been servicing our BMW’s at BMW PHD for a few years now and have always had confidence when we drive away that all issues have been resolved. I love that they take the time to go over the problems they have identified and the cost associated with each repair. They treat us like old friends!

by Marco Romero on 2017-01-13
I felt I was not taken advantage of. Very knowledgeable team of Mechanix. NPS:

by Robert Bart on 2017-01-12

Great customer service and a great culture. Very friendly and nice. The pictures of the problems are always a plus.

by Anon on 2017-01-10

I have brought my M3’s to Tim and and his Team since they opened. They are very detailed and thorough in their work, often times identifying potential issues before they become bigger problems. They explain the issues in laymen terms, and do not oversell if the customer wants to hold off on the repair. An added bonus is CJ is a track guy who understands issues facing cars that run on race tracks. I always have an excellent experience with them.

by Dan Sheehy on 2016-11-29 Thanks for squeezing me in!

by Jonathan Mejia on 2016-10-27

Probably the best experience ive ever had with a shop. Tim attends your every need and not only does he explain the root of your problems but they make sure you get the right repairs done to prevent it from happening in the future. And that 3 year warranty is just an added bonus to assure you that the root of the problem will be fixed. I will be coming here for all my bmw needs! Thanks again Tim for the assitance and support, couldnt ask for more:)

by Adelmo Alvarado on 2016-10-22

My 750 BMW spent 18 months inside the garage because of transmission problems, unable to drive the car. Not knowing where to take it after my mechanic quoted me a $ 4000.00 dollar job to replace the transmission, with a used one of coarse. I drove to Pasadena on Foothill because I remembered seeing a Bimmer repair shop and when I arrived Tim ” The owner ” very politely asked me, how may I help you? I said, I need a transmission for a 2006 750 LI. Tim very politely and very straight forward asked me. How do you know you need a transmission? I replied, well because my mechanic told me. Tim took a deep breath and said I’m not going to change the transmission based on what you’re telling me. The car may not need a transmission, it may just be something simple but You need to bring in the car so I can inspect it myself and I might save you some money. I didn’t hesitate once. He immediately gained my trust and confidence and as soon as he had an opening I towed my car to Bimmer PhD. The rest is history Bimmer found a much smaller problem and I spent one third the cost from my old mechanic. Tim and his team of technicians are the best, very Horst and extremely thorough, they inspected down to every nut and bolt. At the end he made several repairs and replaced several parts as needed for a very economical cost. Before my transmission broke down I was overwhelmed with all the issues I was experiencing with the car, at the point that I was going to just give it away and let somebody else deal with it. But thank you Tim and crew, you guys made me believe that there’s still good honest people out there. When I picked up my car from the shop, Tim’s last words to me were, now enjoy your car, go out on a trip and that’s just what I did. I drove 1200 miles and the car runs like brand new. I can’t thank you enough Tim and beautiful wife Joanna for your moral values that we your clients reap and benefit from. May God always bless and prosper your business abundantly.

by Adelmo Alvarado on 2016-10-21

I can not thank Tim and the Bimmer PhD crew enough for the great work they performed on my 750LI BMW. I was very fortunate for having found Bimmer PhD at a moment when I was at the last end of my rope, ( Desperate ) My car had not been driven in 18 months do to transmission issues and I was very hesitant to take it to my mechanic because he had told me I needed to replace the transmission for a total of $ 4000.00, of coarse this is a used transmission. When I visited Bimmer PhD I asked Tim (the owner) for a quote on the transmission replacement, Tim Replied I don’t work like that, you need to bring in the car and I need to inspect it myself because it could be a number of different reasons why you’re having transmission problems. You may not need a transmission Tim said, it could be something simple and less costly. Well it turned out to be Just that and the cost was less than one third of my old mechanic’s quote Tim is a very blunt person, he doesn’t beat around the bush, what you see is what you get. But having said that he is the most honest and transparent person out there. Bimmer PhD is right!!! He is very thorough, he did multiple repairs for a minimum of the cost. I feel very fortunate I ended up here. If you’re looking for experienced technicians and honesty, Bimmer PhD is the place. I thank you Tim, your lovely wife and your professional team for your dedication and great work that is bringing smiles to many people’s faces. Keep up the great work and may God bless you and prosper all your endeavors. Sincerely Adelmo Alvarado

by Anon on 2016-10-14

Tim at Bimmer Phd is very thorough in providing an explanation of the work to be done and why. Willingly offers alternatives and/ or advises on what work should be done now or deferred.

by David Pistole on 2016-10-06

My M3 has never run better. Bimmer PHD is there to keep you car running at its peak performance, not just to sell you services that you may or may not need.

by Hanna Shahbazian on 2016-09-18

My rear window dropped down again the day before my move. I called Tim and he checked and saw that the last time it happened was 2 years ago and that I’m still under warranty (3 year warranty). Thank goodness! Tim fixed my problem window and I didn’t have to pay anything. Thank you Tim, especially after having all the moving expenses this was a welcome surprise. Hanna

by Karen Kearney on 2016-09-08

My review is that as a single woman, Tim and Johanna are the most present, clear, concise and honest business owners. I was very stressed about my 2004 bmw x3 and what it may need. Tim takes pictures of the exact problems, emails the pics of the piece/parts that need attention, and will let you know what is a priority and if you should can your car and buy a new one -because maybe there will be too many repairs. He cares about family and has the customers interest at heart for their needs. He does have a ‘PhD’ in BMW!

by Karen Kearney on 2016-09-02

I was led here from a referral. I was happy to find that Tim is an honest, clear, concise, owner of Bimmer and does really have a ‘PhD’ in BMW’s! I feel now that I almost have a Bachelor’s from being clearly informed about my car and BMW’s in general! He is so present and informative about what needs to be done, how much, and what is a priority. As a single woman, I know how many places are not upfront, which made me fearful initially. I am relieved and feel that this is the BEST place to take your BMW. He is so up front that he will even tell you if your car is a lost cause, because he wants what’s best for you in your present situation.

by Seth Goulden on 2016-09-01

I feel like i received a complete understanding of the problems with my car and was presented with multiple solutions to choose from. I was given extensive knowledge about the cause and effect of the problems regarding my vehicle. I also received information on how to avoid having these problems happen in the future. I was given an informative timeline, I also feel like the work that was done was done well and quickly.

by Anon on 2016-08-15 Good, prompt service.

by Lena Conroe on 2016-08-10

I would NOT take my car to any BMW repair shop except PHD Bimmer! Tim and his staff knows about BMW from the inside out. He is a genuine Honest young man, that takes Pride in what he does with each individual car.

by Lena Conroe on 2016-08-01

Exceptional service and a complete explanation of the work done!! If you own a BMW that you want to keep, take it to Tim and his Staff!!! They are truly professional, and most importantly, they are HONEST!!

by Sarah Coe on 2016-06-25

As always we had a great experience. Tim us a expert @ what does The team he has assembled is awesome

by John Yeh on 2016-06-18
Tim is awesome!! give all the details for my Pre purchase inspection. . NPS:

by Lorraine Johnson on 2016-06-08

I come to Bimmer PhD for dealership quality work for a lot less. I feel Bimmer PhD is very knowledgeable, honest, professional and provide excellent workmanship. I feel confident that Tim tells me exactly what is wrong with my car and not try to sell me parts or service the car does not need. I believe Bimmer PhD is reasonable with accurate estimates. I highly recommend Bimmer PhD. Tim have made me a customer for the life of my car. Thank you Tim.

by Rick Rowell on 2016-06-07

The best shop I’ve ever been to. I bought my Z4 used with 54,000 miles. Tim and his crew made it run and feel like a new car. Tim was great. He explained everything that had to be done to prevent future problems and make the car run right. He also explained what could wait but would eventually have be fixed. He saved me a lot of heart ache and frustration not to mention a lot money. I’m taking my Z4 on a trip down the PCH in July and I can’t wait to get her on the open road. I thought the car was running good when I bought it. But I can really feel the difference after Tim and his crew worked on her. Amazing!

by Hong Tam on 2016-05-30

Thanks for the systematic diagnose and patient in resolving the all the problems in my M3. Hong

by Robert Boyle on 2016-05-14

Tim is the most honest, dedicated , knowledgable , patient business owner I’ve ever come across. We’ve been bringing our car to Tim for years and give him the highest recommendation.

by Heather Upton on 2016-05-13

It’s always a good experience with Tim & co, and a relief to know that the fix is being done right.

by Lena Conroe on 2016-05-06

My 2003 745I has been resurrected by Tim and his staff. I totally appreciate the level of professionalism, and above average customer service. Tim keeps you informed every step of the way in servicing your car. With 243,000 miles on my car, its now driving like a Champ!

by Anon on 2016-04-27 Excellent, quality and professional service.

by Walter Beaumont on 2016-04-19

I had my car towed in because of a major coolant leak. I drove my car home a week and $4,800 later. Besides fixing the coolant leak, the intake vacuum hoses were

replaced, new motor mounts installed, new oil pan gasket fitted, transmission work etc… The car runs really well as it should. I, however, need to evaluate my sanity.

by Albert Sheen on 2016-04-12

Best independent BMW shop in Pasadena. Tim and his crew know what they’re doing and have taken excellent care of my BMWs for the past 7 years.

by Kelly Thompson on 2016-03-23

Fair and informed service as usual. BMW’s are expensive cars to maintain and it often hurts. Especially old ones that you are attached to and can not sell, yet. Tim and the crew have been great at letting me know what can wait and what can’t. That is so valuable to me on my limited budget.Not to mention much cheeper than any dealer I’ve been to. They guarantee their work and keep detailed records of parts and services that may be under warranty. Thumbs up and highly recommended.

by Samika Ramirez on 2016-03-21

Tim provided excellent customer service, the most detailed diagnostic I’ve ever received from a mechanic, convenience and affordable pricing!

by Alonzo Bodden on 2016-03-19

Great service and installation of hitch Done on time Tim also taught me a bit about my car Excellent shop

by Ken Huff on 2016-03-18 Excellent work. My car runs perfect again

by Mary Paz on 2016-02-20 GOOD. KIND. HONESTY.

by Claudia Suzanne Argueta on 2016-02-16

I get personal service from a bunch of guys (and gal) that love BMW. The owners are very technical but break it down for you in a simple way, so it’s educational when you bring your car in and you know your making an educated decision. It’s worth what I pay because (and I know from experience) it can be very expensive making the wrong decision. My expectations are high but they meet them every time. The place is ultra clean, just like the work they do…I just feel bad eating all their snacks and coffee after my visit (NOT)

by Everardo Hernandez on 2016-02-16
Keep up the good work like always! No complaints here at all. NPS:

by Kelli Ennis on 2016-02-07

Everyone at Bimmer PhDis wonderful! They make you believe that getting your car/concerns right is the most important thing to them. I know they have many other customers but from the second I walk into the shop I feel heard and respected!

by Heather Upton on 2016-01-26

Great service as always – its not the cheapest place to get your car fixed, but I’ve done the cheaper route and it’s worth paying more to have good work done.

by Lena Conroe on 2016-01-25

The Best Service Ever is what you get when PHD Bimmer service your car!! I’m totally happy each time I take my 745I with 240000 miles!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to Tim and his Wonderful Staff!

by Peggy Taylor on 2016-01-23

My experience with Bimmer Phd has been an a very pleasant one. Customer service is excellent and service of my vehicle is right on point.

by Mary Janet Barger on 2016-01-23 I drive 600 miles for BimmerPHD service!

by George Mendoza on 2016-01-11
Friendly courteous service. My car was ready to go when promised.

by Neil Brown on 2016-01-09

Bimmer PhDare knowledgeable, friendly and seem genuinely interested in keeping my BMW in top condition. You can also count on them to be thorough.

by Rowena Roxas on 2015-12-17
First time taking my car to this shop & I am Impressed with the professional service! NPS:

by Joe (ARCHITECT) Martinez on 2015-12-02

by far the best, upfront and most honest shop and team that I have worked with and have the pleasure to name as friends. They take the time to explain to you what the condition is and what your options are to resolve. They also educate you on the procedure so that you are aware of what services you are receiving. I love the crew and would highly recommend them to any and every BME owner I know. Thank you, Joseph J. Martinez

by Joe Martinez on 2015-11-25

They were very helpful and nice down to earth guys, they did a thorough check on my car fixed my issue and recommended a couple of preventive maintenance items needed.

by Sarah Coe on 2015-11-20 Great customer relations.

by Anon on 2015-11-17

My car was repaired by the single best mechanic in the world, and he’s not bad to look at either 😉

by Eric Yonce on 2015-11-06
Great service as always and thank you for keeping the car running great! NPS:

by Joe Garcia on 2015-09-29 Professional work, both my BMW’s performing great.

by Anon on 2015-09-07 Excellent and thorough review of car

by Rick Rodriguez on 2015-09-06

It was a phenomenal experience. They were extremely helpful and provided any and all information that made the process easy. I will definitely be coming back.

by Anon on 2015-09-01
Very satisfied with the work done and the friendliness of the staff. NPS:

by Anon on 2015-09-01

Very fast and everybody I interact with at the company continues to seem honest and the bills never seem like you’re being taken for a ride. Honestly, it’s a strange feeling for a BMW owner. Used them for 3 repairs now and am very happy.

by Kim Maska on 2015-08-13

Excellent service. Honest approach to car service. I have been taking my BMW to them for years and have always had an amazing experience. I highly recommend them for service of your BMW.

by Sarah Coe on 2015-08-13

We have been with Tim for years. He’s the best. Tim is the only one we would trust with our Bimmer. The waiting area is pleasant and the shop is clean. They are a grest team. Russ & Sarah


by Lena Conroe on 2015-08-04

I will Not take my car to anyone else!! Personalized service is what I get each time I call to inquire about my car or when I go in for service. Thank You Tim, Johanna, and everyone that work there…I Truly appreciate the service I receive!

by Bryce Gayhart on 2015-07-15
Top Notch, as usual! The BEST………….. TLC always

by Lena Conroe on 2015-06-12

Tim, Johanna, and their staff provide excellent individualized service!! Its amazing that Tim knows the needs of your car, and what was done on the previous service, even after months have gone by!!! I’m a customer for life because of PHD Bimmer!!!!! :)) Service is always perform with the utmost professionalism. Thank You ALL for what you do for your customers!!

by Carlos Alvarez on 2015-06-12

The team at Bimmer PhD is polite, professional and trustworthy. Tim, the owner, ensures that you understand your car situation and explains the process of repairs with concrete details and examples. Thank you!

by Frederick (Rick) McKnight on 2015-06-02 Professional. Knowledgeable. Clear . Reasonable.

by Joe (ARCHITECT) Martinez on 2015-05-28

Tim and the team has always been professional and transparent in servicing my BMW. They are the best, communicate well and do what it takes to get the care right. I do have another BMW service agent that I use due to distance and availability but, The distance is worth having my car perform at it’s best. Thank you Tim and the team. You guys rock!! Joseph J. Martinez

by Anon on 2015-05-22

Tim and the rest of the crew at Bimmer PhD are simply the best. I wouldn’t take my BMW anywhere else.

by Anon on 2015-05-02

Knowledgable and friendly staff. Recommend this place to anyone wanting to keep their BMW in shape especially for preventative service at less than a dealer’s price and with more care.

by Charles Sharp on 2015-04-20

It is uncommon to encounter personalized service in the context of professional excellence. Tim and his superb team of experienced and capable professionals are outstanding in diagnosing problems early and then advising cost-effective solutions based on best practice guidelines. I am absolutely delighted to be a client of this outstanding group of capable and commited individuals. CF SHARP MD

by Nick Latshaw on 2015-04-20

I dropped off my 2007 550i for repair. The staff was professional and courteous. They let me know the repair could take 24 hours but they had it done the same day. I was also happy that they had the vehicle washed. The price was 40% cheaper than the dealer. Highly highly recommend.

by James Yee on 2015-04-10 Great and knowledgeable people.

by Bonnie Harkins on 2015-04-06

I was very pleased with the service I received. The repairs I had done weren’t cheap (and BMW repairs generally aren’t), but I think Bimmer PhD provides excellent value for the money spent. Everyone is very professional and the shop is immaculate. The only minor gripe I might have is that the place is always swamped, because their

services seem to be in great demand–I think that eventually they’ll need to move or expand. Still, they accomplished everything I needed done in a reasonable time.

always tops!

by William Moffly on 2015-04-06 Friendly, thorough, clear communication.

by Ralph Garcia on 2015-03-26

Bimmer Phd is an excellent repair shop and Tim is a master mechanic and owner. Tim and his employees treated me and my vehicle like family. My 745LI had a difficult problem with the engine and they worked hard to fix it. Tim stands by his word and keeps you informed on the progress. I drive from West Covina to Pasadena because I trust him with my vehicle.

by Dennis Packer on 2015-03-25 Outstanding friendly service

by Jesse Wight on 2015-03-22

I have to say guys I am quite impressed with the level of skill and professionalism your shop provides. After bringing my 2005 X5 in for a number of issues my car has never run better; it actually feels like a new car! Tim, your knowledge and attention to detail far supersedes what I ever got from the BMW dealership (or any other auto shop), and though my particulair issues ended up being fairly costly, I am confident that the parts, the quality of workmanship and -again- the careful attention to detail was worth the money. Additionally I really appreciate the time you took to explain everything clearly, as well as the pros and cons of of certain repairs, sent pictures of all of the major issues, and even honestly advised me when I didn’t need to spend the money on certain things. I will indeed be a customer for as long as I’m in the area.

by Norm Jones on 2015-03-19 Great work and can be trusted.

by Anon on 2015-03-17

Tim was helpful and extremely knowledgeable. He provided valued advice to help me determine next steps for my 2003 325i. They quickly replaced two bulbs and only charged me for the bulbs. I have a regular and trusted mechanic about 40 miles from my home but will definitely consider using Bimmer PhD as they are less than 5 miles from me.

by Chris Muburi on 2015-03-13 Excellent service.

by Jacob Sanchez on 2015-03-06
Excellent customer service and care for my vehicle. Very reasonable in price. NPS:

by Joseph Cahill on 2015-02-27

At Bimmer PhD I have found a very professional and affordable service for my BMW. There is a number of features of this workshop I value very positively. First of all, Tim and his staff are authentic BMW experts who know their job and really look after your car once you put it in their hands. The first time I brought my car to Bimmer PhD they discovered and fixed an ignition problem that other workshops had been unable to identify and solve. Therefore, I would have saved money if I had brought my car first to Bimmer Phd. Second, one of the things I value most is that, once the car has been inspected, the problem has been identified, and a corrective action has been proposed, Tim and his staff will work close to you in order to elaborate a definite work order that effectively addreses the problem and balances your competing

requirements of quality and affordability. Third, I would like to also highlight that their attitude towards me as a customer has been always both friendly and respectful, taking always in consideration my requirements and expectations. Moreover, I find them particularly knowledgeable and helpful, not sparing time when it comes to make sure that as a customer I understand the nature of the problem, and also keeping me updated as they progress through the repair work. Fourth, with respect to the premises, I think it is worth mentioning that they are neat and well in order, not to forget that the lobby is also clean and comfortable. Finally, I would conclude by saying that I am happy to have found Bimmer PHD Motorsports in Pasadena, and that I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who owns a bimmer and really cares about it.

by Tom Alexander on 2015-02-17
Can’t believe you got all that work done so fast. Thank you! It drives like new. NPS:

by Albert Sheen on 2015-02-13

Simply the best. Diagnosed everything quickly and handled the extended warranty folks expertly.

by Anon on 2015-02-12

I appreciate the professionalism and personal interest shown me when you have worked on my car. Given that I have had what I thought was a competent repair shop work on my car previously, only to have to complain about what I felt was unsatisfactory results and have then tell me that I was “imagining” the problem, I am relieved by the sense of honesty and professional interaction that I get when you have serviced my car. I hope to see you again soon…NOT FOR CAR REPAIRS, HOWEVER!! Take care and God bless all of you…. BPTURNER

by Hong Tam on 2015-02-07 Always pay attention and through

by Okairy Rodriguez on 2015-02-03

I always come to Bimmer PhD, they are honest and take care of their customers. I always drive off feeling happy with the service and the way my car is running!

by Lena Conroe on 2015-01-28

Tim and Johanna are the BEST!! Tim is truly the Professor of BMW! He explains what is needed, and although I’m not saavy on mechanical stuff… he will help you to understand. He is a FAIR and most important, an HONEST young man. I Love the Family environment, and that in itself will keep me coming back!!!!

by Everardo Hernandez on 2015-01-25

Like always Tim and the crew are professionals who thoroughly explain everything that’s wrong with your car. Service is flawless, customer service is flawless. Thanks again and see you guys soon.

by Anon on 2015-01-24

Good afternoon Tim. I want to say thank you so much for having recent suspension work done on my 650i. The car literally feels AMAZING after having the lower control arms, upper control arm bushings, and sway bar end-links replaced along with the RoadForce balance on the Pilot Super Sports with a weighted alignment. My car literally feels and handles like a brand new car after having detailed work done by not just a master BMW mechanic, but by an enthusiast who really pays attention to detail of his work, ensuring that no minor issue goes unnoticed before it can become catastrophic. In this day and age, it is getting harder to find quality specialist shops who do quality work, as the dealership does not always have experienced techs working on your car, which raises an issue for quality control. Tim is one of those master mechanics who don’t just have the techs doing his work, but he will always perform work on all of the cars himself. That is becoming a rarity these days. Just remember that even though an independent specialist is cheaper than the dealer, it does not necessarily mean that they are cheap, as we know that BMWs cost a significant amount of money to maintain and you get what you pay for! Every time I take a turn at a high speed, I will remember Tim and his crew for keeping my baby in top shape(granted that I don’t get a ticket LOL). I would recommend this shop to an enthusiast in a heartbeat! Thanks Bimmer PhD!

by Steven Clarke on 2015-01-16

This place is a really great shop, with a staff dedicated to developing relationships with their customers and keeping their BMWs on the road and in great shape! Once the free maintenance from BMW ends (or maybe even before) take your car here for an honest assessment, great service at a reasonable price.

by Nicole Felikian on 2014-12-11

Great service. Fast, and honest. They take the time to give you details about what is going on with your car. Would recommend to a friend.

by Carmen Enciso on 2014-11-26
Very kind and helpful. Proactive about future needs to maintain your car. NPS:

by Felipe Sanchez on 2014-11-18 Knowledgable staff!

by Jamson Siou on 2014-11-17

Tim is exceptionally knowledgeable, and professional. When it comes to servicing my bimmer, I trust him.