Engine Oil Service at Bimmer PhD Motorsports

So much more than an “oil change”!

We believe the most important part of your service is in the details. With every oil service, we perform a 30 Point Detailed Inspection of your BMW. All the engine covers are removed and a visual inspection is performed. If there are any points of concern our experienced & highly trained technicians will take digital photos so you can see what we see. In the photo points of concern may be identified by arrows & a small description to help with visualization.

Sample Images From Evaluation

Sample 30 Point Evaluation Report

bmw evaluation report

Chemical Testing

Next a chemical test where possible will be performed. So each service includes a chemical test of coolant for PH/Glycol, Brake fluid for moisture & copper content, power steering for emulsification.

Electrical System Evaluation

No service is complete without knowing the condition & health of the battery & electrical systems. To that end the battery is tested for proper cold cranking amperage as well as state-of-health & state-of-charge. Next we test the Alternator & charging system to ensure you BMW is getting the voltage it needs. Once the vehicle fault memory is scanned with our diagnostic computer we see if any control units have set error codes that might lead to potential problems.

Finishing Touches

Once all of the covers are cleaned, the fluids are topped off and tire pressures are set, our technician will road test your vehicle to ensure it handles & drives the way a BMW should! All recommendations are noted and your BMW is ready for vacuum & hand wash. Your service sticker will remind you of your next great experience & you will be e-mailed all findings & estimates for repairs needed. When it comes to servicing your investment the saying “An ounce of prevention is truly a pound of cure”