The Importance of Regular Drain Trap Maintenance

Fall is in The Air

When the rain is coming down, and you are sitting in your car, all warm and dry, everything is as it should be. Every car owner’s worst nightmare is finding water that has run into the interior of your car causing mildew and damages. If the drain trap in your car gets clogged, where does the water go? Water always follows the path of least resistance, meaning it runs downhill. Water leaks are often hidden and water that trickles into your car has nowhere to escape to, it can pool up and cause incredible amounts of damage. There is nothing worse than finding that your vehicle is suffering from mildew damage and you didn’t catch it until it was too late. Hidden water infiltration in your car can lead to extensive damage to the interior, upholstery, and electrical components. 

The Rain is Coming

We take it for granted that our car will be warm and dry when we climb into the driver’s seat. Sitting down to find a squishy carpet at your feet, a fogged-up windshield or your emergency kit in the trunk sitting in water can leave you feeling fear and a sense of helplessness. Water leaks can end up costing a lot of money, it can even total out a car if not resolved right away. It is a tremendous job, hiring a shop to disassemble your entire interior dry it out, and treat the mold spores in your car. Imagine the electrical connections in your vehicle corroding from soaking in standing water you didn’t know about, or worse, your dash lights or fan assembly going out from a short. What do you do next?

Water Leaks Cause Interior Damage

How does an auto repair shop go about finding a water leak? Water intrusion points can be tricky to locate, however with a water hose, a couple of flashlights, and a dedicated focus, our expert auto mechanics are able to replicate, trace and resolve your water leak issue. Finding water leaks is not a glamorous job, and often finds a technician in the trunk or under the dash with a flashlight looking to spot where that water is coming in.

Water leaks are easily avoidable. By taking your vehicle to a quality mechanic shop that cares about you and your car, they will perform a simple process of removing debris from your cowl and drain traps during routine services such as an oil change and can make the difference, especially in your 2006-2012 BMW 328i. When you find a mechanic that knows your make and model like the back of their hand, they know to take these simple additional steps to prevent avoidable damages to your car such as water leaks. 

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