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We offer dealership quality service performed by dealership trained technicians using factory tools and parts. If they can do it at the dealership, our highly experienced, dealership trained Master Technicians can do the same for you, for less! Below is a short list of some of our more popular BMW services. GT1 computer diagnostics Coding and programming Electrical trouble-shooting SMG and Transmission service and repair A/C service and repair Engine overhaul Factory OEM Parts Inspection 2/Tune-Up
Bimmer PhD Motorsports
Bimmer PhD Motorsports5 days ago
Hi everyone don't miss our annual customer appreciation open house event this Cinco de Mayo. Authentic Mexican tacos, beer, and fun in the sun. Come check out awesome Bmws & much more.
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Bimmer PhD Motorsports6 days ago
Blessed to work on Supercars for a living. If you own a BMW come see how being family owned makes a difference. Each and every staff member cares for the well being & proper outcome of our clients success.
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Bimmer PhD Motorsports2 months ago
Happy Transmission Thursday everyone. Remember, servicing your transmission every 60k miles saves from premature transmission failure. Book your next appointment with our friendly & knowledgeable staff.

From left to right:
2004 ///M3 88k miles. Smg transmission pump
1995 325i 223k transmission Clutch.
2001 325Ci 127k miles. Transmission service & Bilstein suspension upgrades.
Bimmer PhD Motorsports
Bimmer PhD Motorsports3 months ago
Arguably one of the funnest BMW to drive. The E85/86 Chassis. After a suspension upgrade to Bilstein shocks & struts, these Ultimate Driving Machine are ready for frigid California winters.
Call & book your next appointment to have your suspension inspected & restored to that BMWZ Stable you remember!
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Bimmer PhD Motorsports4 months ago
Happy Holidays from our Bimmer PhD family to yours.
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Bimmer PhD Motorsports
Bimmer PhD Motorsports8 months ago
Here we have a 2009 BMW 335d (diesel) that illuminated the check engine light after 91k miles. After removing the intake manifold from this BMW M57 engine, it was obvious the air management system was clogged from carbon & deposit build up. Using a special, adjustable bore camera, we identified the carbon & "blasted" it away with media. Once the valve & ports were cleaned, the power was restored to this Sleepercar.
This routine service should be performed every 30k miles with an oil system cleaning & fuel filters. Call in to book your appointment & see how an efficient running BMW diesel can achieve close to 50 MPG.